MISSION: To share the Gospel using God’s gift of poetry. The Great American Poet Show aka (GAPS), and The Good News Project Poetry Concerts are a unique, new way designed to showcase the talents of Georgia’s Christian poets. Our goal is to find Christian poets…raw or polished who have something important to say, and afford them with the opportunity to share their voice and poetic gifts by reciting their poetry in front of a live audience at our concerts!

Sharing the gospel through the gift of poetry Even though poetry is Biblical, it’s rare, if ever, we hear someone recite a poem in a church. This should not be the case. In James 1:17 it says, “Every good and perfect gift comes from God.” And because poetry is a gift from God, it should be used in the church. It is Ruth Henderson aka “Ruth Truth’s” goal to restore God’s gift of poetry back to the church. (GAPS) was conceived of and produced by Ruth, who is a gifted Christian poet, four time book author, and experienced producer. When Ruth discovered that there are over 6 million poets in America, but very few opportunities for Christian poets to share their poetry, she recognized a need to provide a platform for them to express themselves. Hence, the (GAPS), and The Good News Project was born.

Thousands of people will not set their feet inside of a church to hear the Gospel, but will be more likely to attend a Poetry Concert to be entertained. It is our goal to entertain them using God’s Gift of Poetry, while sharing the Good News of the Gospel to win them to Christ! 

The Good News Poetry Concerts are a fresh and novel approach. It is our hope that through our concerts that Christian poets will give glory to God, inspire faith in others, change people’s lives, and increase the Kingdom of God.

For the first time ever, the (GAPS) organization offers concerts which provide poets exposure, and the chance to be heard by a live audience consisting of ministers, poets, authors, book publishers,  literature industry professionals, and the general public.

Most people who attend our concerts will most likely attend just to be entertained. However, they will walk away with having been entertained; motivated by inspirational poetry, having heard the Good News of the Gospel, and invited to accept Jesus Christ’s free gift of Salvation! 

Plans are to host seven Evangelistic, Soul-Winning Poetry Concerts per year, featuring America’s Best Christian poets who will recite two to three of their poems in front of a live audience.

If you are a Christian poet and you have a poem that conveys a Christian message about God, Life, Love, Christianity, and Salvation, and that the world needs to hear, sign up and register TODAY!

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  • The Good News Project Concerts
  • c/o: Ruth Henderson, Senior Coordinator/Producer
  • P.O. Box 733
  • Commerce, GA 30529
  • Email: giftofpoetry1004@yahoo.com
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